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SQL Agent Man needs a Perm

No, not Ted Malone. And no, not curly hair. But yes, I’m serious. If you’re using SQL Server Agent jobs to execute your SSIS packages on a schedule (and this is something many of us do) then you need to … Continue reading

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More Dating Problems

Ever have one of those dates that just bugs you whenever you look back on it? I’ve been having one since last night. More specifically, I’ve been researching a problem with the way that the SSIS Flat File Source data … Continue reading

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I knew there was a reason I had a Windows Mobile phone…

This may well be the coolest thing that I’ve ever seen as far as mobile apps are concerned: an interactive map of the Orlando convention center (yes, where I will be next week at TechEd!) that uses the camera of … Continue reading

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Iron Architect

If my memory serves me correctly, the architects of Redmond, Washington have a saying: “Success comes not from the heart, but from the proper application of currentMicrosoft technology.”[1] What if Chairman Kaga had a fetish not for food, but for … Continue reading

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Speak with a Geek!

Although visitors to the SSIS Forums on MSDN know that it’s really easy to ask me questions about SSIS, it’s about to get even easier. I’ve been contacted by one of the masterminds behind the geekSpeak webcast series on MSDN … Continue reading

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More Dating Advice

There must be some sort of synchronicity at work – just this morning I was blogging on how to convert different string and integer date representations into “real” datetime values, and then this afternoon I found myself needing to include … Continue reading

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Having trouble getting a Date?

There have been several questions posted lately on the MSDN SSIS Forums asking how to convert integer or string date values into “real” DATETIME values in an SSIS package. I figured that this would already be over-documented online, but as … Continue reading

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