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On Competition

Sorry for the long delay in blog posts – once I got home from a week in Orlando for TechEd, the real world jumped on me with both feet and hasn’t let up since. I haven’t been to the SSIS … Continue reading

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TechEd 2007 and Space Shuttle Atlantis

Well, TechEd 2007 in Orlando is officially over, and NASA decided to see it off in grand style. [1] Last night I drove to Cocoa, FL with about 30 other Microsoft Certified Trainers [2] to watch the launch of the … Continue reading

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Well, the Iron Architect competition at TechEd 2007 is over – the final showdown (with tasting and judgment) took place Thursday evening, and in the end I emerged victorious. There were four contestants in the final showdown, each one of … Continue reading

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Iron Architect, Here I Come!

I received an email last night informing me that the judges for the Iron Architect contest liked my submission enough to declare me a finalist, and invite me to present and defend my proposal tonight here at TechEd. So… if … Continue reading

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Are Donald Farmer and Dr. Ivan Brady Related?

Another great quote: “You have to understand the nature of your exceptions” You need to understand the underlying business context of the data and problems with the data before you can solve the problems. And you need to remember that … Continue reading

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Words of Wisdom from Donald Farmer

My favorite SSIS quote of the day: “Rolling your own ETL is king of like rolling your own cigarette – if youroll it too tightly, you can’t get any throughput” — Donald Farmer

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ETL Lifecycle – An Interesting Thought

During this ETL Framework session, Larry Barnes (the person with whom Donald Farmer is co-presenting) raised an interesting point: ETL processes tend to stick around forever, because people are horrified totouch them. He used the image of a Perl script … Continue reading

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Donald Farmer Moving On

This may only be news to me, but Donald Farmer is no longer on the SSIS team. He’s now a Principal Program Manager on the SQL Server BI team, and is working with the data mining team. This came as … Continue reading

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Katmai for the BI Guy

I attended a session yesterday here at TechEd 2007 in Orlando – DAT 201, SQL Server 2008 “Katmai” Overview with SQL Server General Manager David Campbel presenting. Although there was very little detail information, it was quite a good session, … Continue reading

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Loud Music Not Conducive to Technical Discussions

What were they thinking? Although a loud band can sometimes be a good thing [1], technical conferences are not included in those times. I think that whoever decided to put a band in the middle of the conference floor at … Continue reading

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