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I Love My Job!

One of my biggest complaints about being an independent consultant for so many years was that it was a significant effort to find the type of cooperative and competitive peer environment in which my skills could be tested, my guidance … Continue reading

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A Little More On Risk

When you read the title of this post, please be certain to focus on the phonetics and not the spelling of the title. With me? Ok, let’s proceed. Risk management is pretty simple when you think about it. Microsoft has … Continue reading

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More MOF Quotes

In the Microsoft Operations Framework class I’m taking this week, we were talking about the MOF Risk Management Discipline[1] and there was another quote that made me smile: “If everyone owns it, no one owns it” And there was another … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts on Usability

I’ve been working a bit with Windows Presentation Framework lately. Don’t worry – it’s not as bad as it seems. No one has asked me to design a new cutting-edge user interface for their software. I plan on remaining on … Continue reading

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Clear Eye for the KPI Guy

I’m attending a Microsoft Operations Framework class this week[1] and the instructor[2] had a great quote today: If your KPIs are always green, or if your KPIs are always red, then you’re measuring the wrong thing. Now he didn’t actually … Continue reading

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ACM Professional Development Seminar

Hey – before I forget (yet again) I have one more quick announcement to make. I’m going to be delivering a one-day SSIS seminar as part of the ACM professional development series at the New Horizons Computer Learning Center of … Continue reading

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A Good Deed

Have you ever noticed that the unique circumstances of our lives sometimes make it easy for us to make a big difference in someone else’s lives? Each one of us has unique skills that can benefit others; sometimes we can … Continue reading

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