Salary Man, or "I Remember Paychecks"

This isn’t truly news any more, but it is one of the main reasons why I’ve been so dark lately. After nearly five years of working as an independent consultant and trainer, I’ve recently accepted an offer of full time employment from Configuresoft, Inc.

I’m working with Configuresoft as a Data Architect, focusing on building a business intelligence product offering to complement their flagship Enterprise Configuration Management product as part of their “Configuration Intelligence” initiative. They have a great product and a great team, and I’m really looking forward to the opportunities that this change will bring.

Now that I’m pretty much settled in to my new role, hopefully I’ll be able to start posting here and in the MSDN SSIS Forums again. Let’s just hope that life stops interrupting quite so much…


About ssimagine

My name is Matthew Roche, and I am a Senior Program Manager with the SQL Server product group at Microsoft. I work on Master Data Services and Data Quality Services, and have previously worked on SQL Server Integration Services. Although I work for Microsoft and will be posting on technical topics, I want to stress that this is a personal blog, and any opinions posted here are mine and mine alone. I built my career around SQL Server and Microsoft technologies for well over a decade before I joined Microsoft as an employee, and I plan on using this blog to share my personal experience and opinions. They may well be shaped by my experience on the SQL Server team, but they’re still mine, and not that of Microsoft, disclaimer, disclaimer, etc., etc..
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One Response to Salary Man, or "I Remember Paychecks"

  1. Ted Malone says:

    Oh come now, “Dark”, you, never…Wait, you meant “quiet” didn’t you..:)Welcome aboard!

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