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Women in IT

Even though I haven’t blogged in it yet, the topic of women in IT is dear to my heart. I’ve been working in IT in one form or another for almost 15 years, and have worked for all sorts of … Continue reading

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SSIS in Sweden Part 2

I’ve already mentioned that I’m going to be presenting a two-day “SSIS Advanced Topics” seminar in Stockholm, Sweden next month, but now I’m going to be multitasking during my visit. I’ve been invited to speak at the Swedish SQL Server … Continue reading

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The Vulture Does Silverlight

I love to read The Register. It has a delightfully irreverent and decidedly anti-Microsoft take on the world of IT, and covers a broad swath of topics every day. I like to think of it as “keeping me honest,” as … Continue reading

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I wonder if I will have a room waiting…

I’m going to be in Washington, DC for most of the week this week, and booked my hotel this morning.[1] When my reservation was complete, and my confirmation was displayed, I was presented with these “Additional Actions” on the confirmation … Continue reading

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Handling Delimited Fields

I’m working with a set of input data that has multiple logical values “encoded” within a single field for each record. The source system allows users to select multiple values from a list, and then crams all of these values … Continue reading

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Office 2007 Usability

I posted a long rant about usability not too long ago, and included a mild jab at the Office 2007 UI (which I personally love, but which others do not) at the end of it. Today I ran across this … Continue reading

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Loading Multiple Excel Files with SSIS – Part Two

I got a comment yesterday (well, it was yesterday as I typed this post, but I’m not actually publishing it until the next day… damned air travel…) on my “Loading Multiple Excel Files with SSIS” post asking if it was … Continue reading

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