Ted Malone on geekSpeak

My friend and colleague Ted Malone is going to be the guest star next week on Microsoft’s live call-in webcast series geekSpeak. Ted is going to be speaking on the integration of SQL Server Reporting Services and SharePoint 2007, which is a very powerful new capability in the Microsoft BI toolkit, and not always the simplest thing to get up and running correctly.

So make sure that you can join Ted for the show on September 12, and have your questions ready for him. And since I cannot be there that day, please make sure that you ask him “What’s a NUMA?” for me.



About ssimagine

My name is Matthew Roche, and I am a Senior Program Manager with the SQL Server product group at Microsoft. I work on Master Data Services and Data Quality Services, and have previously worked on SQL Server Integration Services. Although I work for Microsoft and will be posting on technical topics, I want to stress that this is a personal blog, and any opinions posted here are mine and mine alone. I built my career around SQL Server and Microsoft technologies for well over a decade before I joined Microsoft as an employee, and I plan on using this blog to share my personal experience and opinions. They may well be shaped by my experience on the SQL Server team, but they’re still mine, and not that of Microsoft, disclaimer, disclaimer, etc., etc..
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