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Another Profound Quote

I’m participating in a day-long online meeting via phone, and someone just came out with this gem: “No one should watch sausage or software being made.” It works on so many levels. It’s wrong on so many levels. I love … Continue reading

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PacMan is Loose on CodePlex!

PacMan – The SQL Server Integration Services Package Manager is a utility designed to permit batch operations on arbitrary sets of SSIS packages. Users can select a single package, a Visual Studio project or solution or a file system folder … Continue reading

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Multi-Monitor Goodness

Do you use multiple monitors? Do they have different resolutions? Have you ever wanted to display different wallpaper images on each monitor, or to have the same image displayed appropriately (without cropping or stretching and the like) on both monitors? … Continue reading

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SSIS Myths – Call for Entries

I mentioned this to Greg Low during our SQL Down Under chat this morning, so I should probably mention it here in writing as well. I’m planning to start a series of “SSIS Myths” entries on this blog. What this … Continue reading

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The Cake is a Lie

I don’t have much time for computer games these days, but I’ve been playing Valve Software’s game Portal over the last few weeks. I finished it last night, and have had a big smile on my face ever since. If … Continue reading

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Another Thought on Competition

I posted some thoughts on competition a few months back, and some recent conversations have made me visit this topic again. One was a recurring conversation that I’ve had with my six year old son. He’s very competitive (I wonder … Continue reading

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That Was Fun!

I just got off the phone with Greg Low from SQL Down Under. I had a great time talking to him about SQL Server Integration Services, covering some of the best practices that I’ve compiled over the years of working … Continue reading

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