SSIS Myths – Call for Entries

I mentioned this to Greg Low during our SQL Down Under chat this morning, so I should probably mention it here in writing as well. I’m planning to start a series of “SSIS Myths” entries on this blog. What this will entail (based on what I see today, in any event) will be presenting a misconception about SSIS, and then digging into the details behind it and presenting the truth (or truths) behind the myth.

So although I have a few of these already in mind, I’d like to put out an open call for entries. If you have a myth in mind, if you’ve seen or heard statements about SSIS that you don’t know if they’re true, please let me know. Post a comment or send me an email[1] and I’ll add it to my queue. Hopefully I’ll have the first myth debunked by next week and will keep a steady stream of them coming your way in the weeks that follow, but in order to keep them coming I will need your help.

So let your voice be heard!

[1] Matthew MCT at Gmail dot calm – you can figure out what to do with it.


About ssimagine

My name is Matthew Roche, and I am a Senior Program Manager with the SQL Server product group at Microsoft. I work on Master Data Services and Data Quality Services, and have previously worked on SQL Server Integration Services. Although I work for Microsoft and will be posting on technical topics, I want to stress that this is a personal blog, and any opinions posted here are mine and mine alone. I built my career around SQL Server and Microsoft technologies for well over a decade before I joined Microsoft as an employee, and I plan on using this blog to share my personal experience and opinions. They may well be shaped by my experience on the SQL Server team, but they’re still mine, and not that of Microsoft, disclaimer, disclaimer, etc., etc..
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