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I Came, I Saw, I Coded

Starting one week from today, April 5th and 6th 2008 is the 9th semi-annual Code Camp at the Microsoft New England District office in Waltham, MA. A code camp is something like a mini-conference, held on a weekend, and it’s … Continue reading

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Heroes, Heroes Everywhere

Last week in Los Angeles was just the kick-off of Microsoft"s worldwide "Heroes Happen Here" launch wave. Not only is Microsoft running a lot of major events, they have organized a series of Community Launch Events organized and run by … Continue reading

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Express Yourself!

If you’ve read my blog very often, you know how much I love Expressions in SQL Server Integration Services. Expressions are just about the coolest thing since sliced data[1] and deliver incredible power to SSIS package developers. But they’re not … Continue reading

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Which Package Was That?

One of my biggest complaints about the DTEXEC utility included with SSIS is that its output does not contain the name of the package being executed to produce the output. Obviously, if you’re only running a single package this is … Continue reading

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What’s Best?

I was flying through Cincinnati yesterday and while waiting for my connecting flight I overheard (I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop, but the guy was standing right next to me and talking loudly and clearly) a phone conversation about various aspects … Continue reading

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New to SSIS? Start Here!

I must admit that I’ve been known to say some negative things about the SQL Server Integration Services documentation from time to time. But one part of the SSIS content in SQL Server Books Online is the “Creating a Simple … Continue reading

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Jamie Thompson on the Data Profiling Task

SSIS Junkie Jamie Thompson has once more made the rest of the SSIS community look lazy by posting a multi-part[1] series of blog posts on the new Data Profiling Task in the February CTP of SQL Server 2008. If you’re … Continue reading

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