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Looking for a Date – What’s in a Name?

I’ve blogged about using SSIS to create text files with dynamic file names before, but there’s another scenario that keeps coming up time and again. It looks something like this: "I need to export data from a database into a … Continue reading

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BIDS Helper and SSIS Deployment

Back in November I posted about the 1.2 release of the amazing BIDS Helper project on CodePlex and the new SSIS-related features it included. Well, the folks who contribute to the BIDS Helper project have been hard at work getting … Continue reading

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SSIS and SQL Server Agent – Choosing the Right Job Step Type

My "SSIS and SQL Server Agent" post is the most frequently accessed post on my blog, or at least it has been for the two months that I’ve actually been tracking site usage. But some recent posts on the SSIS … Continue reading

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File Name Expressions

A recent post on the SSIS Forums on MSDN reminded me how anti-intuitive it can sometimes be to work with SSIS expressions. For example, it’s quite common (such as when using the File enumerator for the Foreach Loop container) to … Continue reading

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BI for the Virtual Guy

Yeah, I know I’m stretching for the title of this post, but my allergies are killing me today and this is really the best I can do at the moment. So what’s this “Virtual” bit all about. It’s about the … Continue reading

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Splitting a Delimited Column in SSIS

A recent post on the MSDN SSIS Forums has reminded me that I’ve been meaning to post on this technique for quite a few months now. The basic problem looks like this: The input rows in a data flow contain … Continue reading

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New SSIS Project Templates in RC0

I’ve finally found the time to install SQL Server 2008 RC0 (although my SSIS/BIDS install is corrupted so I have not been able to run SSIS in RC0 through its paces) and noticed something interesting. I was creating a new … Continue reading

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SSIS Excels – But Not at Excel

In the two months since I began using Google Analytics to track visitors to this blog, I’ve noticed a few things: Two of the top three articles on the blog are related to working with Excel. 26 of the top … Continue reading

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It’s Not Easy Being BI

I’ve been known to sometimes say that "being BI effectively doubles your chances of getting a consulting engagement on a Friday night." Yeah, it’s kind of cheesy, but if you can’t have fun with wordplays, what can you do, right?[1] … Continue reading

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Let the Blog Times Roll

Just as a quick note, if you read my blog at and not through an RSS reader, you’ll notice something new today. I’ve added a blog roll with links to those SSIS-related (or vaguely SSIS-related) blogs to which I … Continue reading

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