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SSIS Sample Data Flow Transformations

Every few months I stumble across this old blog post by Euan Garden[1] that links to a bunch of sample transformation components that the SSIS team put out in the 2005 release timeframe. Check it out: Now obviously this … Continue reading

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New SSIS Article Online on MSDN

I have a new article on the SSIS Developer Center on MSDN, focusing on Data Sources and Configurations as tools for connection reuse across sets of SSIS packages. I wrote it months ago (looking at it now it seems even … Continue reading

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Who Runs The Cloud?

Cloud Computing is a very popular phrase these days, and it’s been creeping its way into SQL Server circles with the introduction of SQL Server Data Services and other service offerings from Microsoft and other companies. It seems to be … Continue reading

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Buy This Book, or Your Database Gets It!

At last night’s VDUNY meeting I talked about a whole bunch of new features in SQL Server 2008 for database developers. And because this is a favorite topic of mine[1] a lot of the discussion revolved around Transact-SQL. And you … Continue reading

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Working Around AT&T’s "Help"

I own an AT&T Tilt smartphone. I use it for all sorts of things, including voice calls, web browsing and email, and it’s very rare that I leave home without it. But one thing that I have not used it … Continue reading

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VDUNY Meeting Tonight

Just as a quick reminder, I will be presenting on new features in SQL Server 2008 at the Visual Developers of Upstate New York user group tonight at 6:00 PM in Rochester, New York. If you’re in the Rochester area, … Continue reading

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One More Reason to Attend

I’ve posted a few times already[1] about the SSWUG Business Intelligence vConference that I have been helping to organize. Well, the conference is now less than a month away, and there is more news to share: We’re giving away a … Continue reading

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SQL Server Sample Install Epiphany

(Warning – this post has turned into a long drawn-out rant. If you want to skip to just the useful stuff, scroll down to the third and final bulleted list way down there at the bottom. I won’t mind, I … Continue reading

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Cake Wrecks

This has nothing to do with SSIS or SQL Server or technology at all, but I need to post it anyway. My friend Karla just shared this link with me: You probably know that I am an avid baker … Continue reading

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Waltham Code Camp 10: "Dev InTENsity!"

I just got the announcement today, so I guess I’m behind the times as usual – the 10th Code Camp event is going to be held next month at the Microsoft offices in Waltham, MA on September 20 and 21. … Continue reading

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