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Christmas Came Late!

Santa has just delivered the gift that many SSIS developers have had on their Christmas lists: more samples and options for programmatically building SSIS packages. Although in this case, the role of Santa is played by Matt Masson of the … Continue reading

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Math and Terror

My son just celebrated his eighth birthday. While he was eating his birthday breakfast before heading to school, he came out with this gem: "I’m half of sixteen today!" Now part of me is happy that he’s thinking of mathematical … Continue reading

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Better File Rename

This is just a random tool recommendation – I’ve been meaning to post it for months, but have never made the time. Well, a meeting just finished early, so the time made itself. I’ve love this tool: Better File Rename … Continue reading

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Changes in SQL Server 2008

MCT Russ Loski recently shared this great link with the SQL Server trainer community: This is the top-level "Backward Compatibility" topic from SQL Server 2008 Books Online, and includes sub-topics for the DRBMS, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS and replication, covering … Continue reading

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"Bonus" Technical Deep Dive Session at the MCT Summit – Redmond and Prague

The vast majority of the content at the 2009 MCT Summit events is heavily weighted toward the IT Professional audience. This is largely due to the fact that the major developer and database product releases took place in 2007 and … Continue reading

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Connection Strings

This is just a little reminder for myself as much as for anyone else. There’s a great resource online at that lists the syntax for hundreds of different types of data sources (SQL Server, Oracle, Excel, Active Directory, etc.) … Continue reading

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ThinkPad Keyboard Madness

I own lots of laptops. After being an independent software development and BI consultant for many years, I’ve assembled quite the collection. I have Dells and Toshibas[1] and have had Gateways and HPs as well. My little home office is … Continue reading

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Know Your Data… Werewolves

(That’s right. Werewolves.) Over a year ago, I posted a list of SSIS best practices, and I’ve presented on this topic a dozen or more times since then at conferences and user groups and seminars. One of these best practices … Continue reading

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Choosing the "Right" SSIS Configuration Location

One of the questions I get asked quite often boils down to this: "Should I store my SSIS configuration data in SQL Server or in XML configuration files?" And my every-so-helpful answer usually is: "Yes!"[1] That’s right – very accurate, … Continue reading

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