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Hey, That Was Fun!

As you probably know, I’m a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). As you may not know, MCTs are required to renew their certification each year, and the 2009 renewal period is currently underway. I got my MT 2009 welcome kit a … Continue reading

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SSIS Development and Source Code Control

In my personal best practices for SSIS development, I claim that we need to treat SSIS packages like code. When I give presentations on this topic, I have a slide that elaborates and talks about how we must use source … Continue reading

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Going to Tech·Ed 2009 North America!

I’ve been to Tech·Ed North America every year for the last four years. It’s Microsoft’s biggest technical conference and is an amazing opportunity to learn and to network – and it’s always a ton of fun as well. People have … Continue reading

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Get on the Bus!

if (you.Location.Match(“Atlanta”,     “Charlotte”, “Philadelphia”, “Columbus”,     “Indianapolis”, “St. Louis”, “Kansas City”,     “Denver”, “Albuquerque”, “Phoenix”,     “Las Vegas”, “Los Angeles”) ==         MatchResults.CloseEnough) {     you.EnterContest(“Get on the Bus”); } if (you.WinContest(“Get on the Bus”)) {     you.AttendConference(Microsoft.Conference.TechEd,         … Continue reading

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Indexes and SSIS Data Flow Performance

Wow – it’s been a while, hasn’t it? As you may know, I took a job with Microsoft back in October. It’s been a fun (and insanely busy) five months; the work is challenging and diverse, the team I work … Continue reading

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