Visual Studio Window Layout for SSIS Development

My friend and colleague Lynn Langit has a habit of blogging where she posts an image and a brief question and that’s it. I’m very jealous, because I can’t seem to write a blog post that’s shorter than 20 pages or so.

So in this post I’m trying to be More Like Lynn.

This is how I configure my Visual Studio development environment for SSIS development:

SSIS Window Layout

(Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.)

How do you configure your windows?

Ok, so now if I were More Like Lynn, that would be the whole post. But since I haven’t had a mango martini in far too long, I feel compelled to elaborate:

  1. I dock the Variables window in the upper left corner in its own tab group.
  2. I dock the Toolbox window in the lower left corner in a different tab group.
    (This lets me see both the Variables and the Toolbox at the same time during package development, which is often very useful.)
  3. I dock the Log Events window in the same tab group as the Toolbox, because you generally don’t use them both at the same time.
  4. I dock the Solution Explorer window in the upper right corner.
  5. I dock the Team Explorer window in the same tab group as Solution Explorer.
  6. I dock the Properties window in the lower right corner in its own tab group.
  7. I dock the Error List window on the bottom.
  8. I dock the Output window on the bottom in the same tab group.
  9. I dock the Pending Changes window on the bottom in the same tab group as the Error List and the Output windows.
  10. I leave all of the designers in the middle, since this is where they always go. 🙂

This layout gives me ready access to all of the tools I need, when I need them. And I would still love to know how you lay out your windows in your SSIS development environment…


About ssimagine

My name is Matthew Roche, and I am a Senior Program Manager with the SQL Server product group at Microsoft. I work on Master Data Services and Data Quality Services, and have previously worked on SQL Server Integration Services. Although I work for Microsoft and will be posting on technical topics, I want to stress that this is a personal blog, and any opinions posted here are mine and mine alone. I built my career around SQL Server and Microsoft technologies for well over a decade before I joined Microsoft as an employee, and I plan on using this blog to share my personal experience and opinions. They may well be shaped by my experience on the SQL Server team, but they’re still mine, and not that of Microsoft, disclaimer, disclaimer, etc., etc..
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3 Responses to Visual Studio Window Layout for SSIS Development

  1. Dick Carlson says:

    We should all try to be more like Lynn.

  2. I’d say “you have no idea” but of course you do…

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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