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SSIS Package Templates: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

This is one of those “I could have sworn I blogged on this topic years ago” posts. I speak to this topic whenever I’m presenting on SSIS development best practices, and with my half-day mini-seminar in Stockholm last week[1] I … Continue reading

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Coolest. Tool. Ever.

I’m struggling with how to best start this post. Here are a few possibilities: I like to think that I’m a hard person to impress. But… I swear at my computer many times a day, but usually in anger and … Continue reading

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More on Package Configurations

Douglas Laudenschlager from the SSIS documentation team has posted an excellent article to his unofficial SSIS blog on how package configurations are applied in SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 Integration services. Check it out here. I don’t often … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Window Layout for SSIS Development

My friend and colleague Lynn Langit has a habit of blogging where she posts an image and a brief question and that’s it. I’m very jealous, because I can’t seem to write a blog post that’s shorter than 20 pages … Continue reading

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SSIS Development and Source Code Control

In my personal best practices for SSIS development, I claim that we need to treat SSIS packages like code. When I give presentations on this topic, I have a slide that elaborates and talks about how we must use source … Continue reading

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Christmas Came Late!

Santa has just delivered the gift that many SSIS developers have had on their Christmas lists: more samples and options for programmatically building SSIS packages. Although in this case, the role of Santa is played by Matt Masson of the … Continue reading

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Connection Strings

This is just a little reminder for myself as much as for anyone else. There’s a great resource online at that lists the syntax for hundreds of different types of data sources (SQL Server, Oracle, Excel, Active Directory, etc.) … Continue reading

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