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Hey, That Was Fun!

As you probably know, I’m a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). As you may not know, MCTs are required to renew their certification each year, and the 2009 renewal period is currently underway. I got my MT 2009 welcome kit a … Continue reading

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Loving Windows 7

I installed the public Windows 7 beta on one of my laptops early this week. This is a laptop that I use all the time when I’m at home (I love the keyboard, so I sit at this one and … Continue reading

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Math and Terror

My son just celebrated his eighth birthday. While he was eating his birthday breakfast before heading to school, he came out with this gem: "I’m half of sixteen today!" Now part of me is happy that he’s thinking of mathematical … Continue reading

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Better File Rename

This is just a random tool recommendation – I’ve been meaning to post it for months, but have never made the time. Well, a meeting just finished early, so the time made itself. I’ve love this tool: Better File Rename … Continue reading

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ThinkPad Keyboard Madness

I own lots of laptops. After being an independent software development and BI consultant for many years, I’ve assembled quite the collection. I have Dells and Toshibas[1] and have had Gateways and HPs as well. My little home office is … Continue reading

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The IT Crowd – Series 3

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I love the delightful The IT Crowd show put out by Britain’s Channel 4. There’re aren’t a lot of episodes yet, but today that is going to change. The first episode of … Continue reading

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A Bad Week to Travel

I’m on the road this week, in Seattle for the PASS Community Summit conference and in Redmond for meetings and such. Normally I love this trip, because the food is great[1], it’s a beautiful area and it’s a chance for … Continue reading

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