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Hey, That Was Fun!

As you probably know, I’m a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). As you may not know, MCTs are required to renew their certification each year, and the 2009 renewal period is currently underway. I got my MT 2009 welcome kit a … Continue reading

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Loving Windows 7

I installed the public Windows 7 beta on one of my laptops early this week. This is a laptop that I use all the time when I’m at home (I love the keyboard, so I sit at this one and … Continue reading

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Math and Terror

My son just celebrated his eighth birthday. While he was eating his birthday breakfast before heading to school, he came out with this gem: "I’m half of sixteen today!" Now part of me is happy that he’s thinking of mathematical … Continue reading

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Better File Rename

This is just a random tool recommendation – I’ve been meaning to post it for months, but have never made the time. Well, a meeting just finished early, so the time made itself. I’ve love this tool: Better File Rename … Continue reading

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ThinkPad Keyboard Madness

I own lots of laptops. After being an independent software development and BI consultant for many years, I’ve assembled quite the collection. I have Dells and Toshibas[1] and have had Gateways and HPs as well. My little home office is … Continue reading

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The IT Crowd – Series 3

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I love the delightful The IT Crowd show put out by Britain’s Channel 4. There’re aren’t a lot of episodes yet, but today that is going to change. The first episode of … Continue reading

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A Bad Week to Travel

I’m on the road this week, in Seattle for the PASS Community Summit conference and in Redmond for meetings and such. Normally I love this trip, because the food is great[1], it’s a beautiful area and it’s a chance for … Continue reading

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Vote Early!

For those of us in the US, today is Election Day. After months of campaigning (I wanted to say "heated debate" but we didn’t really get months of that, id we?) it’s time to vote, and select a new president. … Continue reading

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Just One More Reason to Love SSIS

Alternate title for this post: "Is Sarah Palin BI?" But I didn’t want to go there, and I’m sure you appreciate that. But here in the US, the presidential election season is nearly over (just a few more days to … Continue reading

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Holy VHDs Batman!

Ok, color me impressed. I’m watching today’s PDC keynote and just saw that Windows 7 can natively: Mount VHD files as disks Create fixed size or dynamic VHDs Boot from Windows 7 VHDs Holy crap. That last one totally blows … Continue reading

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