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A Bad Week to Travel

I’m on the road this week, in Seattle for the PASS Community Summit conference and in Redmond for meetings and such. Normally I love this trip, because the food is great[1], it’s a beautiful area and it’s a chance for … Continue reading

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Holy VHDs Batman!

Ok, color me impressed. I’m watching today’s PDC keynote and just saw that Windows 7 can natively: Mount VHD files as disks Create fixed size or dynamic VHDs Boot from Windows 7 VHDs Holy crap. That last one totally blows … Continue reading

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A Free Font of Wisdom

One of my Facebook friends (hi Julie!) posted this morning asking for advice on where to find good free fonts. I replied pointing her to one site where I have found many good fonts, and another friend responded with three … Continue reading

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Two Down, One to Go

Microsoft today announced the release to manufacturing of Windows Server 2008[1], which means that of the three products being "launched" at the end of the month are actually done. Only SQL Server 2008 remains. Of course, this news is all … Continue reading

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Multi-Monitor Goodness

Do you use multiple monitors? Do they have different resolutions? Have you ever wanted to display different wallpaper images on each monitor, or to have the same image displayed appropriately (without cropping or stretching and the like) on both monitors? … Continue reading

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Strike While the iRon is Hot…

Yes, that is the opening line from Manowar’s classic heavy metal anthem “Brothers of Metal,” and no, I didn’t capitalize it like that accidentally. It’s all deliberate, you see… Anyone with an internet connection knows that Apple has just revamped … Continue reading

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I knew there was a reason I had a Windows Mobile phone…

This may well be the coolest thing that I’ve ever seen as far as mobile apps are concerned: an interactive map of the Orlando convention center (yes, where I will be next week at TechEd!) that uses the camera of … Continue reading

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