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Silverlight 2.0 RTM!

This is a little far from the usual BI topics, but I think it’s pretty exciting regardless. Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 has[1] been released. You can download the bits and the development tools on the official Silverlight web site. There is … Continue reading

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The Vulture Does Silverlight

I love to read The Register. It has a delightfully irreverent and decidedly anti-Microsoft take on the world of IT, and covers a broad swath of topics every day. I like to think of it as “keeping me honest,” as … Continue reading

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Silverlight – WTF/E?

I attended an excellent users group presentation[1] last week on the topic of Silverlight. I’ve been vaguely interested in Silverlight since I first saw it previewed at the Mix06 conference in Las Vegas last March, but honestly haven’t devoted many … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts on Usability

I’ve been working a bit with Windows Presentation Framework lately. Don’t worry – it’s not as bad as it seems. No one has asked me to design a new cutting-edge user interface for their software. I plan on remaining on … Continue reading

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